“Unexplored Peak # 1」- Mineral Project -”

「ミネラルプロジェクト - 未踏峰#1」

2021, Mineral(Abalone shell), Acrylic mirror plate, Acrylic dome, Driftwood, 190 × 80 mm.



都市の喧騒から離れ、静寂な場所を訪れた時、自らが存在する空間 ―
鳥の囀り、風に揺れる木々、陽だまりの匂い、 あるいは ( それ以上に )自分の周りを漂う空気 ― に敏感になり、

「Unexplored Peak # 1」- Mineral Project - において、自然の摂理によって形成されるそのフォルムは、



“Object that reveals the extreme points of prayer”

Natural rhythms inevitably nurture harmony and aesthetics —

A space where you are when you visit a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city,
Sensitive to the singing of birds, the trees swaying in the wind, the smell of the sun, or (more) the air floating around you.
You can reaffirm that you are part of the universe.

In "Unexplored Peak # 1" -Mineral Project-, the form formed by the providence of nature is Between stiffness and brittleness,
it creates tension, quietness and rest.

It is a metaphor for the moment when the concentration of mind reaches its peak after prayer or meditation.
It will be a symbolic object that points to the entire experience at Kakuonji Temple.