“Icon of the Dawn”


2021, HD Video, (1H)  Display, 1367 × 838 mm.
Collaboration with Naoya Hirata


なぜ存在しなければならなかったのか。 ー それは極めて精神的な価値の試行錯誤であったかもしれません。



“Monument that suggests the original scenery of the future”

For example, consider "Dogu". Why did it have to exist?  -It may have been a trial and error of extremely spiritual value.

Our ancestors lived in harmony, naturally in awe. This "icon of the Dawn" reminds us of the spirituality of people who lived in the Jomon period or even farther in ancient times. It is a future monument that heralds the arrival of another modern era in harmony with nature.

The organic silhouette engraved will remind us of the totemism that pervades all beings of animals,plants and minerals. And the moment when this icon is born,or the moment when it shatters, foretells the arrival of a new world.