同時に、自らが存在する空間 ― 陽だまりの匂い、鳥の囀りや、風に揺れる木々、
あるいは(それ以上に)自分の周りを漂う“空気” ― に敏感になった。


自然との繋がりを回復し、周囲に息づく生物圏の中で自らの存在を再認識する ―

- Folklore of Beingness -

- We pray.  Imagine the world beyond that and close your eyes. -

“Exploring the continuity of ‘being‘ in the natural world”

All life fills this world in continuity.
But the fact is that they are forgotten from people's perceptions.

Recently, our lifestyle has undergone a major change.

At the same time, the space in which you are -the smell of the sun, the singing of birds, the trees swaying in the wind,
Or (more) I became sensitive to the "atmosphere" that floated around me.

Beyond these perceptual changes, I have one hope.
Taking a new step toward "non-modern" or "another modern" that we did not choose,
We feel that we are at the crossroads of rebuilding society.

Restoring the connection with nature and I re-recognizing one's ‘being’ in the biosphere.
Hope it will be a signal for meditation to interact with the world.



“Unexplored Peak # 1」- Mineral Project -” 

「ミネラルプロジェクト - 未踏峰#1」

2021, Mineral(Abalone shell), Acrylic mirror plate, Acrylic dome, Driftwood, 190 × 80 mm.

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Consideration for the global environment is an important factor in this exhibition, which mentions the relationship with nature.
Monitors were used as the display medium for the works, and solar power was used as the power source for them as much as possible.

-  Folklore of Beingness -

At Kakuonji-Kamakura

Collaboration Artist / Takashi Kawashima , Naoya Hirata
Scenography / Akihiro Yamaya
Graphic Design / Ryohei Kaneda (YES inc.)
Management / Studio GÁRA (GÁRA inc.)
Research / SUB-AUDIO inc.
Space Photography / Takashi Kawashima

Artist , Creative Direction /
Masaki Sugaya