GÁRA inc.

co-founder / Masaki Sugaya

Make up artist/Hair Stylist/Mood director

1988   Was born Kumamoto Japan and lived in Ibaraki.
2007  Based in Tokyo.                                                               
2009  Belonged to a hairsalon in Tokyo.                             
2016   Join to the opening of  hairsalon  TETRO .             
2017  Started of Hairmake-up Airtist in Tokyo.                 
2019  Started of Hair artist in all over the world.              

2020  Established a company GÁRA inc.                             
2021 Folklore of Beingness was held.                                   



Currently based in Tokyo , He is mainly active in hair&make-up.
Involved in various fields such as Fashon,Advertisement,Artist MV,TVshow,TVCM,
Also in charge of hair of celebrities in various industries.
In addition work in the areas of art direction,branding,casting,training session,area of space.

In other words,create the mood to make a box.

Aiso make work irregularly,working as an artist.