“A point /Memory and perception "


2021, Motion instllation (3min) , Brass, Cotton, Mineral, Copper carbonate, Manganese carbonate, Soil
1367 × 838 mm.

“ささやかに感じとれる知りえない記憶 ー”





"Unknown memory that can be felt in a small way"

It is a video work that edits the painting process that reproduces the formation of the stratum and the records taken in various places.

Mineral and iron-containing stones produced over a long period of time, They weather and eventually become soil, having a relationship with the plants.  -

While going back to the scale of the activities that various environments have been made,
Think about the climate, culture, and history itself scattered in the corner of your memory.

The air that gently floats in that place may be a fragment of memory that sleeps beneath the point where we are standing.